Passion for printing

A compendium of recent projects, new knowledge, strands opening up, enticing voices and unseen landscapes in the exciting world of wine, and above all things, a declaration of love for our work, our clients and our way of understanding design and graphic production.

Zoom in Notebooks V/A

All this and more represented by this small set of publications combining significant labels and reflections that have particularly interested us. They provide a fine subjective, revealing plunge into the climate of opinion when it comes to the beverage sector and other areas that will always appeal to us, such as brand building, communication, visual trends, public perception and sociology of sectors with as much history as wine and spirits.

Content and design that we enjoy producing, that we want to elicit the curiosity of readers and that can be reread over the years to understand who we are and what we do.

245mm x 340mm
Offset / 4 colour + Protective varnish
Paper Munken Lynx 150 grs
Creator Silk 150 grs
Popset Grey 240 grs
Metallic Wire-o