Flying high

Daniel Morales and Javier Euba

  • Studio
  • Moruba
  • Client
  • Viña Zorzal Wines
  • Year
  • 2014
  • Techniques
  • Embossing dies
  • Full colour
  • Stamping

Moruba’s best works are distinguished by an air of enthusiasm – an optimistic exaltation of design. It is the mark of confidence, which for the members of the studio, Daniel Morales and Javier Euba, is the real key to a project’s success. It is a dream that spreads to the client and the market and reveals itself as the engine for reaching fully sensible solutions and is effective from the commercial point of view.

Founded in Logroño in 2008, Moruba has received numerous mentions for its packaging projects. The studio collaborates with many wineries in Rioja and all over Spain, including Viña Zorzal Wines, for which it developed the graphic image and line of labels. Señora de las Alturas is the iconic wine of the brand and its label posed various creative and technical challenges solved by close collaboration between the studio and the printing house.

How is the Señora de las Alturas label managed? All Viña Zorzal Wines’s wines show a bird on their labels, always in a highly recognisable static position. The client asked us to keep that image for Señora de las Alturas, but also to distinguish it from the rest of the range in some way. We came up with showing it in the air, highlighting flight as the maximum expression of a bird. The thrush (zorzal in Spanish) appears in silhouette, but with a visual trick we “emptied” it to seemingly bring it to life.

With a good conceptual result. Of course, it allows us to explain the brand’s essential values: freedom, energy, the impulse of a determined and different character…

In this visual game, which technical aspect is most important? The faint or perforated silhouette. Instead of collapsing it in the winery’s labeller, as would have been normal, we perforated it beforehand, at the printing house. In other words, the winery received the duly perforated rolls with the silhouette of the bird. This was made possible thanks to the extreme precision of Vidal & Armadans’ tools.

Zoom in Flying high
The faint silhouette of the thrush helps to give it liveliness.

What other values does Vidal & Armadans contribute? It always displays a contagious effort to find the best solution. Moreover, the final result is often better than what we anticipated. That is what happened with the labels for Mateo & Bernabé beer and Frizzante wine, from Bodegas Peñascal: complex projects that turned out well thanks to that striving for solutions and coordination between pre-printing and printing.

Coming back to Señora de las Alturas… How did the client’s attitude influence it? The winery followed its lead at all times, with a very open attitude. Proof of its confidence was the fact that we could carry out the idea of printing three different label models for the same wine, one for each of the brothers managing the company, following the concept of combining singular aspects into a common direction.